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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Aku Kembali Bersawang.. Sementara Saja.

Blog bersawang? Sapa la kenalkan istilah yang agak tak macho bila didengar neh.. Yes, blog aku bersawang kejap. Cukup 17 hari aku biarkan blog nie macam tue saja.. Walaupun pembaca tak ramai mana, aku cuba jugak curi masa tengah malam nie untuk korang.

A lot of things happened to me lately.. A well blend to end my sweet teenage years. Officially now I am 20. But, the road to twenty was never easy to me. A series of unfortunate events is the most suitable to describe everything. That will break any heart, release more tears than a man could bear.

I am too tired today but still alive and kicking. A very long day. Completely dead beat. My English language teacher should be proud if she read this paragraph as I don't let those idioms slip from my mind. Yes, thank you teacher as you greatly improve my language.

Hope that all my readers especially my beloved followers don't mind I'm using English this time. Sometimes what comes out from my heart is not in Malay but in English. Maybe it would be easier to pen it here in the original form, not the one edited or rejected.

Maybe I'll try to write about what happened last 30 days of my life as it maybe turn out to be a wonderful experience. Not many people are given such opportunity to taste the sweetness of lesson from the school of life. We could learn all those survival skills, living skills in everyday life but being put under pressure under certain circumstances, the power to change, the power to decide is sometimes is limited.

Let, let me finish this post in Malay as I started. Sebenarnya bila tukar masuk BM, agak blank nak tulis apa. Aku minta maaf sebab menyepi beberapa hari. Even birthday aku pun aku diam saja, termasuk kat Facebook. Apa-apa pun, aku harap korang yang banyak support aku dalam blogging nie faham bahawasanya, aku sekarang ada komitmen lain yang perlu diberi perhatian. Exam week dah start la..

Note: trying to upload the picture but it seems like it got the symptoms of system retardation.
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